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Site CA-SAC-164 along Sacramento River

City of Sacramento

Archaeological Monitoring and Site Stabilization at CA‑SAC‑164

Artifact and burial recovery in consultation with the Native American Community.

Site CA-SAC-164 along Sacramento River

CA‑SAC‑164 is managed by the City of Sacramento, Department of Parks and Recreation.

This National Register-eligible prehistoric burial site had been subject to years of disturbances due to river fluctuation/​erosion and looting.

From 2002-2010 GrassRoots co-founder, Charlane Gross, monitored the site, recovering artifacts and burials. As burials or artifacts became evident they were collected, cataloged, and reintered in consultation with the Native American community.

In 2005, a team including the USACE, DFG, the Fish and Wildlife Service, SAFCA, and others designed and built site protection measures that simultaneously enhanced and restored the natural environment along this portion of the Sacramento River

Project Tasks

  • Monitoring
  • Artifact and Burial Recovery
  • Reburial of Finds


The archaeological site is located in a public park, but successful protection and stabilization measures have ensured that no harm results from visitors.

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